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Green Bean Arabica Specialty Toraja Mamasa

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Long time ago, getting specialty grade coffee is DIFFICULT ENOUGH, because almost every harvest was directly exported throughout the world. Indonesian coffee is also known as a mandatory raw material for Coffee Blends throughout the world.

But, nowadays the coffee industry is growing. More and more Indonesian people are familiar with Indonesian Specialty Grade coffee, or the best level of Indonesian Arabica coffee.

Coffee is a type of beverage that is consumed by almost everyone and is worldwide. Not only that, coffee can transform into a part of the lifestyle for many people. Maybe including you!


Kopi Raja-Raja Toraja Indonesia

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The Best Green Bean In Indonesia

First Winner of the Arabica Contest 2018 All Indonesia

About Taste and Aroma, We Are THE WINNER. PROVE IT!

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee is the term for the highest grade coffee because this type of coffee is specially processed from the initial process of coffee being planted to being served in a cup.

There is Score 90.67 making Raja-Raja Coffee categorized as Top Spesialty Coffee.

As you know, there are many types of coffee in Indonesia that give different sensations of taste and aroma. No exception Raja Raja Coffee, the distinctive taste and aroma of this coffee gives an extraordinary pleasure to the audience. No wonder more days, more and more are falling in love with their unique taste and aroma.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Try and Partner with Raja-Raja Coffee?

Green Bean Arabica Specialty Toraja Mamasa

The Winner of Best Arabica Grade Specialty in Indonesia 2018

Organic Coffee Planted at Altitude + 1600 masl

Fresh Beans from Trees, Not Stored More Than 3 Months

Red Seed Extraction Process

Semi Wash Post Harvest Process


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100% Arabica Toraja Mamasa

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